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1, Wage

CATO company implemented based remuneration system, the wage of salary is combinated by performance , protection of wages, annual bonuses and other types of fluid, composed of subsidies. Imposition of temporary wage system for new employees probationary period after a given rank-set positions according to their level of fixed salary and performance evaluation results. Wages basic situation is as follows:

1> / Undergraduate: monthly salary;
2> / Master: annual salary;
3> / PhD and MBA degrees are required and Human Resources Director (CH0) CATO company interviews;

2, Annual salary adjustment
For outstanding employees, CATO provides an annual salary adjustment to reward their excellent performance and increases their salaries between 0.5% to 25%.

3, Annual bonuses
At the end of a year, we will be based on the performance of employee performance and company performance, to provide staff with annual performance bonuses. Performance bonuses directly reflects employee performance and contribution, reflecting the performance-based incentive pay, reflecting the CATO company's human resources strategy for the company to focus the central idea.

4, Special awards
For outstanding performance during the year. We also provide various special incentive to reflect on the excellent staff, team instant recognition and rewards.

5, Training and learning
For new recruits employees, we have carried out "Pre-working education", "pre-job training adaptability", "Responsibilities training" as well as computer and English training.
Formal induction, enterprises and individuals based on jobs that require the development of targeted sending participate in domestic and foreign training or study visits.

Various departments of the company from time to time the creation of professional training programs, covering marketing, human resources, administrative, technical and other professionals, individuals can choose to learn according to their needs related content....

6, Promotion channel
The company has a strict set of job promotion system, technology, respectively, in marketing, management and other positions set manager, assistant manager, supervisor, in charge, and A, B, C, etc. level of talent for the growth of the various positions laid clear talent road.

Companies will have 1-2 times annually adjust the post promotion opportunity, and all employees are eligible to apply for an interview based on personal expertise or interest.

Special note is that for remarkable achievements officer may exceptional promotion.

Personnel in various fields of expertise have made outstanding contributions to the company, the company will be rewarded as the case may be.

7, Welfare
The company strictly to pay staff pension insurance, housing provident fund, medical insurance (including ill health) in accordance with relevant state regulations, work injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance and other insurance and voluntary participation based on individual corporate pension plans, giving employees generous benefits.

In addition, Cato employees enjoy a variety of state holidays. Monthly birthday of the original company to send birthday wishes.

The current working opportunities, please go to Recruitment and have a look.

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