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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leader of fluid technology industry, CATO continues to play its advantages in resources from foreign enterprises, introduce worldwide advanced technologies and products, aids other cooperation to performance better, improve the social level of industrialization, put efforts in science and technology to create a better society and we understand what an important duty is it. Chinese culture is all about the peaceful combination of people, society and environment. Based on this tradition, CATO try hard to build up a better industry outlook and take care of the continuous development of the company. Moreover, we want to be part of the improvement of our industry, society and country, put efforts to achieve a peaceful and stable development between CATO, society and environment.

“Integrity, pragmatic, dedicated” is our guideline and starting point to achieve corporate social responsibility. In the respect of economic obligation, we use our strength and always chase for better products’ quality and performance. In the respect of social responsibility, our products take parts in fluid technology industry to create a share value with the society. In the respect of environment duty, we take responsible of our action and work in continuous developments, reducing waste and actively control the negative impact from daily operation, Chasing for a peaceful development between human and nature.

This Corporate Social Responsibility is followed by the international Global reporting initiative, GRI recalled the past relevant parties together for the harmonious development of society grow and make due contributions, planed a major responsibility of CATO fluid when accompanied by the development of the new era of enterprise technology industry.

We believe, in the future, CATO is going to keep our integrity and non-stop improvement to performance better and build up a better environment in economy, society and environment.

This is a conclusion, a beginning and a promise. All CATO crews are going to take our responsibility and create a brighten tomorrow.


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